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I've been asked lately about my accountant, so I thought I'd share his info. He's great.

SmarTax and Accounting
Carlos Castro

He is an Enrolled Agent and has been doing my business and my family's personal taxes for over 12 years. He also has rentals of his own so he understands real estate.

Did you know?

A CPA is an accountant, but not necessarily a tax preparer. An Enrolled Agent is what you want if you want someone to do your business or personal taxes. They are Federally licensed to represent tax payers in front of the IRS.

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(source: Denver Post)

1. Light fixtures that are polished brass and have scroll work or fluted frosted glass. But, be careful. Original old light fixtures that fit the home's architecture are often worth preserving.

2. Swag window treatments. Straight, tailored drapes or shades stay stylish, so long as they are not scalloped of poufy. "You want streamlined and edited, nothing that looks like a dust collector," Kelly said. "If simplicity isn't there, neither is timelessness."

3. Themed rooms. Rooms built around a theme get dated fast. Remember the Southwest craze? All that aqua and peach and sand-washed woods took the country by wildfire, then burnt itself out. However, elements of a theme, like a cowhide rug mixed into an eclectic interior, can work for the long haul. "We're not talking Western camp," said Kelly, "but cowhide in a sophisticated way, like how Ralph Lauren pulls it off."

4. Cottage-cheese ceilings, also known in the trade as popcorn. "They must come down," she said. "They will never come back in style."

5. Faux finishes. "We have become more authentic in our approach, so faux is not as popular."

6. Tile counters. When you can have a solid surface for not much more expense, why have tile? Kelly asked. "No one wants to clean grout on a horizontal tile surface ever again. It doesn't matter how tight the grout lines are. Go for a slab."

7. Fake plants. They are almost always past their prime, even when brand new.

8. Shower curtains. See swag window treatments above. Now think, "Ick."

9. Black baffles on recessed can lights shout 1980. Change them to white or silver.

10. Extra layers. Many homes would look instantly younger, fresher and more up-to-date if owners would edit and streamline what they have. However, homeowners commonly add stuff but don't subtract, so after 10 years it takes an archeologist to cut through the layers. Accumulation, more than any other factor, puts years on a home.

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(source: Denver Post)
The number of metro Denver luxury home sales increased 33 percent in December compared with December 2013, although median sale prices slipped to $1.3 million, down 2.8 percent from a year ago, according to Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage.
The median price in December was $1,322,500 down slightly from December 2013's median price of $1,336,894.
The figures are based on Multiple Listing Service data of all homes sold for more than $1 million in December in the Denver metro area.
A total of 100 luxury homes sold in December, compared to 75 in December 2013 and climbing 23 percent from the 81 luxury homes sold in November.
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage president Chris Mygatt said the metro Denver housing market finished 2014 the way it began 2014 with very strong gains in the luxury segment.
He noted that the upper end of the market was particularly strong in December with 18 sales of more than $2 million, more than double the sales in that category in 2013.
"Our local economy continues to do well, homeowner equity continues to climb along with property values, and there continues to be strong buyer demand," Mygatt said in a statement. "Those are all great ingredients for the luxury market."
Denver had the most million-dollar sales with 37, followed by Boulder with 15 and Cherry Hills with five.
The most expensive sale in the metro area in December was a three-bedroom, four-bath approximately 4,400-square-foot home in Boulder that sold for $4,401,000.
In November, the most expensive sale was in Greenwood Village that went at $3,825,000.
In December, sellers received an average of 95 percent of their asking price, down from 95.5 percent in December 2013 and 97 percent in November.

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A big thank you to all the respondents to my survey this last week. There were over 40 people that responded. I received some great feedback and will be implementing some of the ideas this year. 

The winner of the Cutco set is Melissa Roberts! Congratulations Melissa!!

Here's what she won...

Spatula Spreader and Santoku Trimmer (my go to knife for small jobs!)

and the Super Shears (the best pair of scissors I've ever owned)

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How would you like to stay in an underwater hotel room?!


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